Organic chicken? Sounds unfamiliar to you? Don’t worry, you will like it as you read on.

Eating clean and healthy protein is absolutely crucial if you want to prevent disease and premature aging, increase your daily energy and live longer.

But unlike the broiler and layer chicken raised through feeding on chemical mixed feed meals, our organic chicken is one of the cleanest and healthiest sources of protein that you will find anywhere. Organic chickens are fed on natural feeds such as rice bran, broken rice, seeds and insects etc.

In Bangladesh, do you know that farm raised chickens are fed on mostly feed meals made of chemical based tannery wastages (from Hazaribagh, Dhaka) those are bought by poultry feed meal manufacturers? Therefore, research found that many eggs contain poisonous chemicals those are extremely harmful to human body that also causes cancer and other life threatening diseases.

We need to find some solution to this contamination cycle of food chain. Our chickens that meet the highest health value to you comes with following organic raising practices:

  • 100% organically raised from "egg to plate". Often raised in the open areas.
  • No antibiotics ever used. No hormones ever used.
  • No pesticides or herbicides ever used in the soil or the feed.
  • No artificial ingredients whatsoever.
  • Entirely free-ranged so these chickens are not "stressed;" meanwhile, mass-produced chickens are raised in severely cramped quarters which translate to not only reduced health value, but less taste.
  • The juiciest, most delicious tasting chicken you've ever tried.
  • An exceptional source of protein, come from farms that promote sustainable farming and sound environmental practices.

The mass-produced chicken you find in chicken stores, are typically inhumanely raised in extremely cramped quarters where they can barely move. This creates stress in the chickens that can lead to disease and the need for antibiotics both for disease control and growth of meat. Stressed growing conditions can also cause "stunted" meat devoid of taste and total health value, hence creating the need for chemicals to artificially moisten the meat.

Our free-range organic chickens, on the other hand, have plenty of room to roam and eat their entirely natural diets. Thriving in a stress-free environment, this makes all the difference in the world in terms of their health and taste value to you.

Another crucial reason this free-range organic chicken is an exceptional source of protein in your diet is because it is free of antibiotics and hormones. Over half of the antibiotics fed to mass-produced farm animals including chickens, are identical to the ones administered to humans. As has been well publicized in the media, overuse of such antibiotics can lead to strains of bacteria resistance to the antibiotic, opening doors wider to the potential for human disease.

Yes, it costs slightly more than store-bought chickens that are mass produced and of negligible health value due to costly organic feeds we provide and raising practices that makes our chicken meats healthy and tasty.

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