Rabbit Farming & Poverty Alleviation


“Rabbit Farming” in Bangladesh? Sounds new concept, right? Yes, you are correct, rabbit farming in Bangladesh is not widespread. It’s a new concept but it can contribute hugely to alleviate poverty simply because farming rabbit is easy, cheapest, can be done anywhere by anyone in the villages or in the cities.

Rabbit farming do not require much capital, labour or other resources, even it is far cheaper to raise than other types of poultries with less possibility of losses incurred by disease such as bird flue every year.

The socio economic background of our country demands innovative approaches for alleviating poverty and rabbit farming can be one of the effective means to do that.

Rabbit production may be another way of alleviating animal protein deficiency in Bangladesh. Rabbit has immense potentials and good attributes which include high growth rate, high efficiency in converting forage to meat, short gestation period, higher multiplication, relatively low cost of production, high nutrition, delicious meat which includes low fat, sodium, and cholesterol levels. It also has a high protein level (about 20.8%) and low fat (6%).

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Organic Rabbit Farming

The term “organic” refers to the way agricultural crops are grown, livestock are reared and processed. Organic farming must be based on safe soil without using chemical fertilizers and pesticides, while organic animal rearing must be free from using fattening hormones, medicines, supplements and feeds.

We have the largest organic rabbit farm in Bangladesh where we don’t use any kind of hormones, supplements to raise our rabbits, we only feed grass, organic vegetables, tree leaves, rice and wheat based foods so that customers are assured of the sustainability and organic nature of our rabbits and its rich meats.

All over the world rabbit is a source of exotic meat, it has the potential for consumption in Bangladesh too while poor people can earn money to uplift their income through farming.

In Bangladesh, people are not habituated with the rabbit farming or consumption of rabbit meat. The main reasons are lack of habit, superstition and a question of Halal among Muslims. However, non-Muslims can consume without any fear.

Rabbits are highly reproductive, capable of giving 6 to 8 births per year (once in every 45 to 60 days) with 4 to 8 litters at a time. Rapid multiplication makes them more suitable as meat producing livestock. This represents about 300kgs of meat produced by one doe (female rabbit) in a year, assuming an average mature weight of about 2.5kgs.

Unlike all other livestock, once a pair of rabbit parent stock is bought, under small farming one need not to buy rabbit anymore. A farmer might keep only four does and one buck (male rabbit) which would translate to approximately 1200kgs of meat per year. Nutritionally, rabbit meat is in fact one of the best meats in the world, hygienic and rich source of protein and can be cooked in a great variety of ways. It has been said that rabbit meat taste like mutton.

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Possibilities for Poverty Alleviation

Traditional farming in our country like cattle and poultry cannot satisfy the widespread demand of meat as they require too much space for poor villagers of our country. Meats are becoming expensive due to many reasons

Rabbit farming is cheaper, less risk and less expensive in all terms than other types of cattle raising. It requires minimum space so that farming is equally possible both in the city and rural areas. Rabbit meat production is therefore an attractive option, especially when the aim is to produce quality animal protein and poverty reduction.
In many countries, government and non-government organizations have initiated rabbit farming with a view to alleviating poverty. It can also bring phenomenal change in the lot of rural people of our country. Rabbits have a competitive edge over poultry because they do not depend on cereal grains, not to mention concerns about risks from Asian bird flue.

Therefore to add new dimension to the traditional cattle farming pattern, participation of rural people needs to be ensured. Families should be encouraged to either consume rabbit meat on a regular basis or sell rabbits as a cash crop in order to purchase food of higher quality to the nutritional status of the family diet. Motivation and dissemination of information can inspire the poor farmers to come forward to rear rabbit.

“The present challenge is to take the rabbit to a higher level to usher in a new era that involves formulation of new and improved models for development projects to provide even greater benefits for limited – resource families, especially when initiated as a vehicle to alleviate poverty” (Lukefahr S.D. 2007).

To sum up, proper motivation and approach by the both government and non-government sectors can lead rabbit farming to grow up as a sustainable industry in our country. Therefore, for setting up a dynamic and viable rabbit farming industry, further systematic research is needed which can contribute a lot to heal the plague of poverty.

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Other usage

Everything from a rabbit generates money to alleviate poverty:

  1. Other than meat, rabbits are used for their wool, fur, and manure (bio-fertilizer).
  2. Rabbit manure is a pure fertilizer and 100 rabbit can supply enough fertilizers to cultivate an acre of any crops, that actually increase land fertility.
  3. Moreover, the fur of rabbits along with its meat can be exported to foreign countries at good prices.
  4. Rabbit skin is used for exotic and expensive leather bags, purse, caps, hand gloves and other types of fancy goods.
  5. Rabbit wool and fur is commonly used in apparel such as sweaters and suits, knitting yarn and felting.

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Marketing of Rabbit and its Meat

Marketing of rabbit meat and other products are at its infancy in Bangladesh due to ignorance, superstition and peoples unwillingness to consume rabbit meat as food due to lack of habit and religious reason (related to Halal/Haram issue) although few people raise it as pet. Rabbits are also used as testing specimens by laboratories.

However, the good news is, huge numbers of foreigners, five star hotels, Chinese, Korean, Japanese and Thai restaurants can be huge customers for buying rabbit meats from sustainable sources like our own rabbit farm.

Demand of rabbit meat by the foreigners and restaurants serving foreign cuisines are so high that present supply of rabbit and its meat can not fulfil that demand. We already have established that supply chain for our produce.

Further, our main goal is to export in the countries where there are huge demands of rabbit meat including middle-eastern countries.

We also encourage other rabbit farmers to contact us or call (88) 01680072195 for assistance to deal with rabbit meat or associated products marketing issues.

Lastly, there are huge demands for live rabbit in Bangladesh by people who want to buy rabbit to rear as pet animal.

Is the rabbit Halal or Haram?

Most Sunni Muslim scholars (Mufti) give decision (fatwa) in favour of eating rabbit meat as Halal. Rabbit falls mostly in the Islamic criteria for animals being halal, please refer to the links below, rabbit mentioned as halal.

This topic has minor difference in opinion depending on to whom you are asking the question, which school of thought (in Islam) the scholar belongs to, what level of knowledge he possess and what stance you personally take in terms your taste, appetite and personal religious view. As an example, many Muslims eats “shrimp” but do not eat “crab” while both falls in the same Islamic category of “Makruh” (avoidable) simply because those people are not accustomed to eat crab.





Rabbits depends mainly on green forges and are pure than other poultry but some people raise questions about absence of hooves and formation of legs (like cats) claws and talons to prey other animals and eat fleshes of their prey, whether rabbits eats their own faeces etc. Shia sect of Islam regards rabbit as haram based on wrong belief and scientific explanation.

While we are not in a position to offer fatwa (Islamic rulings) as we are not Mufti (who can offer fatwa), we know rabbit do not prey on animals and eat their fleshes, rabbit do not eat their own manures but rabbit do chew their cuds for better digestion to get proteins and vitamins after they swallowed their vegetarian foods first time what actually done by cow, goat and may be other halal animals thus it fulfils criteria of the halal animals. Allah knows better.


Rabbit has the potential for earning money and alleviate poverty through marketing within Bangladesh for consumptions or whoever wants as pet animal and through export to other countries. All parts of a rabbit generate money. Therefore, rabbit farming should be promoted to poor people for poverty alleviation as it requires only nominal investment what actually poorest even can afford. We are ready to help.

Please contact us or call at (88) 01680072195 to know more to establish a rabbit farm.